Contra and English Dances in Portland, Oregon

March Event Caller Music
29  (Fri) PCDC English Country Dance at BWT Gaye Fifer The Fine Companions (Betsy Branch, Bill Tomczak, Erik Weberg and Lisa Scott)
30  (Sat) Sue Songer Celebration at MAC Open Mic led by
Erik Weberg
Open Band led by Betsy Branch

April Event Caller Music
3  (We) 1st Wednesday Contra Dance at PH
7:30-10pm; no lesson.
Susan Petrick Joyride
5  (Fri) PCDC English Country Dance at BWT Cynthia Stenger Brooke Bubna, Sean Nolan and Lisa Scott
6  (Sat) First Saturday Contra Dance at FCC Laurel Thomas UnLeashed!
12  (Fri) PCDC English Country Dance at BWT Mary Devlin TBA
12  (Fri) Contra in the Couve at HDG William Watson Bandwidth (Keith Moe, Gordy Euler and Carl Thor)
13  (Sat) PCDC Contra Dance at FCC TBA Sue Songer, Lanny Martin and Gordy Euler
14  (Sun) English Country Dance Workshop at RS Mary Devlin The Fine Companions (Betsy Branch, Bill Tomczak, Erik Weberg and Lisa Scott)
19  (Fri) PCDC English Country Dance at BWT David Macemon Austen City Lights (Brooke Bubna, Laura Kuhlman, Alan Rutherford and Carl Thor)
20  (Sat) Portland Third Saturday Contra at FCC Susan Petrick Jigsaw (Dan Compton, George Penk and Heather Pinney)
26  (Fri) PCDC English Country Dance at BWT Ric Goldman Leslie Hirsch, Ellen Hansen and Lisa Scott
27  (Sat) No dance at Fulton this week on account of Portland Raindance (registration required).
29 (Sun) Last Raindance at NH   (open to all)
Sliding scale $10-$25
Free to Raindance registrants
George Marshall
Will Mentor
Wild Asparagus
Tidal Wave

Admission Prices

Regular PCDC dances

All English dances and the
2nd, 4th, and 5th Saturday
contra dances
$9 - Non-members
$7 - Members
$6 - Students and Seniors
$1 off on contra dances
before 7:30
PCDC Family Dance $6 per adult, $5 per child,
$20 maximum per family

Other Portland-area Contra Dances

1st Wednesday Joyride Dance $7, $6 students
1st Saturday Contra Dance $8, $6 students
2nd Friday Dance in the Couve $7, $5 students and
children under 12
3rd Saturday Contra Dance $8, $6 seniors and students

Dance Times

Unless otherwise listed, English dances are 7:30-10:30pm; Contra dances are 8-11pm with a beginner lesson at 7:30pm.


BWT Burlingame Water Tower Dance Hall

English country dancing every Friday evening
7:30–10:30 pm

8936 SW 17th, Portland, OR 97219 (map)

From the North, head South on I-5. Take the Barbur Blvd. exit, Number 296A, and turn right. Turn right onto SW Spring Garden Street. Turn right onto 17th Avenue and look for the dance hall near the top of the hill.

From the South, head North on I-5. Take the Taylors Ferry exit, number 295, and keep left at the fork in the ramp. Merge onto Taylors Ferry, turn left on 17th Avenue and look for the dance hall near the top of the hill.

No street shoes permitted on the dance floor.

FCC Fulton Community Center

Contra dancing every Saturday evening
Beginner's session    7:30–8:00pm
Dance                            8:00–11:00pm

68 SW Miles Street, Portland, OR 97219 (map)

Off of Barbur, at the traffic light just East of Terwilliger

Must wear shoes in this venue

HDG Hazel Dell Grange 7509 Northeast Hazel Dell Avenue, Vancouver, WA (map)
NH Norse Hall 111 NE 11th Street, Portland OR (map)
OPDP Oaks Park Dance Pavillion 7805 SE Oaks Park Way, Portland OR (map)
PH Polish Hall

Contra dancing on the First Wednesday
7:30–10 pm

3916 N Interstate Ave, Portland OR (map)
PSU PSU Smith Memorial Hall 1825 SW Broadway, Portland OR (map)
RS A Renaissance School of Arts and Sciences 0234 SW Bancroft Street, Portland OR (map)

No street shoes permitted anywhere in the building.
Bring dance shoes or warm socks.